2018 Trimmer Trap TT-2 Pro-4

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Trimmer Trap
TT-2 Pro-4



The patented TT-2 Pro 4 is unquestionably the world's finest, fastest, and most secure trimmer rack. Whether you choose the TT-2 "Original" (holds 3) or the "TT-2 Pro 4" (holds 4) you will have peace of mind knowing your trimmers are protected from theft and damage, yet easily accessible.

Unlike other "wannabe copy cat" racks, the TT-2 can be loaded or unloaded in only two seconds. Trimmers are automatically latched and tightly clamped in place, completely eliminating any chance for operator error. There are no time consuming pins to fumble with or forget. With other racks you'll have the hassle of a multi-step procedure dozens of times each day. And after all, wouldn't you like a little less hassle in your day?

Included with your trimmer rack is a length of plastic spiral wrap (TT SW-1) which can be installed onto your trimmer shaft(s) to add additional protection where the shaft contacts the rubber cover on the racks hooks. Cut the wrap into approximately 6” long pieces and wrap it around the shaft near the trimmer head where the shaft rest in the hook.

Both the TT-2 "Original" and the TT-2 PRO-4 are available in Enclosed Trailer versions. Simply attach each upright to the wall, trimmers are stored up out of the way and protected from damage.

  • Trimmers will not roll around or slide back and forth in rack. Broken triggers, flooded engines, and spilled fuel are a thing of the past.
  • Heavy all welded steel construction and a durable powdercoat finish.
  • Mounts to open (TT-2 PRO-4) or enclosed trailers (ET/TT-2 PRO-4) quickly and easily.
  • Attaches to upper and lower rails of trailer creating a much stronger mount than racks that attach to the top rail only.
  • Pre-Punched holes for simple installation of the HT-1 Accessory Hand Tool Rack.
  • Locks with a single padlock.

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