About Us

Bramble Mower

Bramble Mower has been a family owned and run business since 1958. Bramble Mower has earned a reputation by delivering our customers high quality mowers for over 52 years. We carry several products, such as Scag commercial mowers, Exmark,  Billy Goat, STIHL, Toro, Ryan, Kawasaki, Kohler, Briggs, Tecumseh, TrimmerTrap, and Little Wonder. We pride ourselves on fast, friendly service and knowledge. We also carry the largest amount of parts in the city of Cincinnati.

Scag zero-turn mowers allow you to mow with such precision they nearly eliminate the need to trim. Zero-turns pivot 180° without leaving a circle of uncut grass, eliminating unnecessary maneuvers to save you time and fuel. Similarly, front-mount mowers give you some of the same maneuverability and allow you to mow in tighter spaces while still covering a lot of ground. Call or stop by today for a demo!